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Hometown is for anyone who lives and breathes art, who embraces the medium, whether it be photography, illustration, music or film. It’s meant to be a source of inspiration and to lift the curtain for those aspiring to know more.

Hometown is about who we are - as creatives, as humans, as citizens. It’s where we come from and where we want to be going.

Full transparency

You have any question? Ask us! We are glad to answer you (almost) every detail about what we did, do and gonna do.

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Unpublished photos of Gail by Pat Martin

Pat has been digging in his photography archive for us and found extracts from a very personal project. He never intended to share those.

Creating a platform for upcoming artists and establishing a creative dialogue are key elements of our concept. We are looking forward to seeing your work!

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Maik iamhere13 positive
hello__ Maik

We are a magazine, a photo book.
We are ideas and stories

printed on seven different

kinds of paper, for those

who adore print or need a piece

for their coffee table.

cheers__ Maxime
Portrait 02
guten tag__ Ingmar

Gender equality in the film industry

A point of view, an interview, a collection of voices. This article is about what we are already doing and what we still need to improve.

We are showing people we admire.

Work we love but also stories and topics that move us. It’s about portraiting a spirit and describing the Hometown we want to see in the future.

hello__ Andzej

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Hometown portrays and discovers the work of creators all over the globe. It is a reflection of whats going on, laying out how processes work, and pointing out possibilities for change. It’s for everyone who likes to embrace photography, illustrations, music, and films.

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